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Sep 15, 2007
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“Spewed Coffee on the Screen I Laughed so Hard” - Jo Michaels, review of The Adventures of Sir Edric

“...this book is ideal for both fantasy fans and booklovers in general looking who are looking for something different...” - The Tattooed Book Geek, review of The Adventures of Sir Edric


If you’ve seen bits and pieces of Sir Edric but never got around to buying the books, or you like fantasy/comedy and have just heard of him, now’s the perfect time to buy. From 23 December to 6 January the price of all three e-books (The Adventures of Sir Edric, Sir Edric’s Kingdom, and Sir Edric and the Plague) is being reduced to 99c each.

From retrieving royal treasures to running the kingdom and rescuing an elven city from plague-ridden doom, Sir Edric’s life is full of adventure, alcohol, and the odd spot of adultery.

A tiny selection of spoiler-free one-liners:
Very exciting. Not unlike having a scorpion dropped into your trousers.

“How are you feeling, sir?”
"Depressingly sober. And my leg’s burning like a phoenix with chlamydia.”

“I don’t wish to alarm you, sir, but you appear to be dripping amniotic fluid,” Dog said.

I know sometimes readers don’t go for humour because it’s just not their thing, but if you like the two short stories I posted for my X thousandth posts, linked below, do give Sir Edric a look during this sale.

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Purchase links
The Adventures of Sir Edric
The Adventures of Sir Edric, an Ebook by Thaddeus White

Sir Edric’s Kingdom
Sir Edric's Kingdom, an Ebook by Thaddeus White

Sir Edric and the Plague


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