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Why Is School the Way It Is?


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Aug 21, 2010
This thread invites discussion of why schools fail children (in both senses of the word fail) -- or even why they do good to children.

For example, the writings and speeches of John Taylor Gatto could be discussed here.

The Underground History of American Education - Wikipedia

Dumbing Us Down - Wikipedia

Writings by Neil Postman could be considered:

Neil Postman - Wikipedia

There's Ivan Illich:

Ivan Illich - Wikipedia

There's John Holt (and "unschooling"):

John Holt (educator) - Wikipedia

And David Guterson (who has written for Harper's magazine on these matters):


Callahan's book is a classic, I suppose:

Education and the Cult of Efficiency

Diane Ravitch (Left Back) is often cited:


Richard Louv wrote Last Child in the Woods:

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