Avengers Endgame (2019)

I find these increasingly annoying, so I’m not sure why I watched the whole video.
I admit: I'm excited just because I want to know which way this goes.

Also I like Thor so I'll take anything that has more Thor in it.
Can't wait too see this. Marvel movies are one of the few things Hollywood is currently doing right.
I really hope that a few of the main avengers die, to be honest. It's always good when a character you are genuinely invested in gets killed off properly!
The only concern I have about these movies is how the stakes keep escalating.

It used to be that it was one good guy versus one bad guy from robbing banks, then it was a couple of good guys stopping a group of baddies from destroying a town or city. Now, we're in space dealing with whole planets at stake with numerous superheroes taking up the fight.

Where can it all end?
Saw it this morning. It was amazing! Worth the wait, such a good closing act for ten years of interconnected storytelling. Won't say anymore now for fear of inadvertently spoilling it for someone but it's a definite recommend from me!
Saw it yesterday; it did not disappoint.... lived up to the hype.
Worth while!
May actually see it again after the kid crowd/crunch dies down at the theaters.
It will get added to my movie library when it comes out on DVD.


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