Bick's thoughts on the Discworld novels

Yes, despite it's structural flaws and lack of plot in a traditional sense, its an addictive and rapid read.
I just began reading Discworld recently after I fell in love with the Good Omens TV show. I started with Color of Magic and didn't learn until much later that some people recommend not starting with that one, which baffled me because I just immediately fell in love with it. Not being maybe as good as the others doesn't mean it isn't still a lot of fun, and the first one will always have a special place in my heart.
Hi, clarissajaneen, and welcome to the Chrons!

I understand exactly what you say about TCOM - not only do people say that it's not the right place to start, but Sir Terry himself said that it was one of the weaker books in the series.
However, to my mind, the important thing is that it was the first, and without it, we may not have had the glorious journey that is the Discworld series. My advice to new readers would be to start with Equal Rites or Mort - then read TCOM and The Light Fantastic, regarding them as extended prologues to the main sequence of the Discworld.

There are many threads on Sir Terry here on the Chrons: Here's a link to his dedicated forum. Enjoy!

Comments on read The Colour of Magic remind me of a review I read on Amazon on the first Nero Wolf book. The poster complained that the characters were not as developed as in other books and that it just wasn't as good as others. I did wonder if they knew it was book one.
Well...I also started with The Colour of Magic and didn't stop there!

In other words, I liked it well enough to read the next book. And the next. And...

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