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Very nice and an interesting article. I also agree that once you set the dates, you have to live the with the consequencies, but in regards of the dragons, you can always bring them back. I loved you placing the elves at Atlantis, and if you'd need to bring back to dragons, you could use them as the keepers of relics or all things old. But here's a question, did in alterth the Great Flood cause the destruction of the Atlantis and how do you treat the myths about the previous civilisation that lived fourteen, fifteen thousand years ago?
I dodge them as best I can. :)

In general I try not to make a decision on anything except when a story requires that I do. Or, to be more accurate, I make provisional decisions that I let float around until a story forces me to make a call. So it was with Atlantis. I had the notion there might be a connection. Then a story came along and at least the characters within it believe they've found a piece of it. But when I came to think seriously about the origin of the non-human races, and the mechanics and reasons behind it, then Atlantis came to play a key role.

I still have to retcon. For example, Atlantis appears in the historical record going back to Plato, which is centuries before the first appearance of elves in the altearth historical record. I may expunge the earlier references. Or I could have Atlantis really exist in the 4thc BC. What I cannot do, however, is put it in the Mediterranean, or tie it back to Thera. Would've been nice, but it doesn't work. Atlantis has to be beyond the Pillars of Hercules. When it first rose is still uncertain. So is when it broke apart and the details of that. I might have it be a cataclysm, but it could also be more gradual. I haven't had a story yet that would make me have to choose.

Glad you liked the article.
You won't be disappointed. It reminds me of fanzines of old. Better production values, but the same eclectic earnestness and enthusiasm.