This mammal didn't get the downsizing memo for successfully dealing with dinosaurs

Robert Zwilling

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Jun 12, 2018
Possibly a rather large monkey wrench for the idea mammals were all small when dinosaurs were tooling around. 4.5 meters long, 2.6 meters tall, perhaps 9 tons, maybe not even full grown. It bones were first thought to be of the sauropod because of the size, only later was it determined to be the largest dicynodont found to date. Funny how so many things are described as largest ever nowadays. At some point we are going to have to realize that we haven't seen everything so when something new comes along we realize it is new but still not the biggest thing out there. Might be time to rethink what the animals looked like and acted back then. Maybe territories were more about chances of survival and not about getting the best real estate deal. More interaction less blanket annihilation, same way prehistoric people history is being rewritten.

Elephant size mammal with a turtle beak