Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018)


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Jan 5, 2001
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I can't see a thread yet on this. Saw it this afternoon.

There weren't many "fantastic beasts" in it, so the advertising has it wrong there. There are a few creatures near the start, then the platypus, and a Chinese lion figures strongly. Compared to all the cute creatures in the first film this doesn't measure up. Anyone thinking this would be like the first film would be disappointed.

There are apparently going to be seven of these films and you can see why. Story-wise, very little happens; it is clearly treading water. it has been described as a "needlessly complicated, low-stakes plot." The big reveal, is something you would already know had you read and seen everything else in the Potterverse. If you haven't, then this would be very hard to follow. Her plotting is overly complicated, and this film in particular is all about a family history that really needs a diagram, My conversation on the way home was, "So the swapped baby was who? And the other man, he was her step-brother, and she was his half sister, and Dumbledore, he has a brother and and a sister?" Nice to see Nicolas Flamel though.

I couldn't see why Roxy was so enamoured with Grindelward. He is against Muggle marriages and for 90 minutes she seemed very keen on having one. His argument about preventing the Second World War was fairly persuasive though. There is also the problem of Albus Dumbledore himself, who in the 1930's wore some fashionable two piece suits, but by the 1990's had decided robes and cloaks were more fashionable.

Great special effects, of course. Not just the magic and the creatures, but the way they change the London and Paris streets to age them. I need more than that though.

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