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9.07: The Walking Dead - Stradivarius

grip junky

Well-Known Member
Oct 21, 2011
I am on Citalopram, I get where he is at. I look at what he is doing and he has routine. I do not think his inner self would let him move on from that place and where would he go? The Hill Top? I do not see how he could. Alexandria? How could he? His part with Rick is what it is.


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
In six years, he could have built himself a log cabin and had hot running water.

If he had, he wouldn't be keeping it a secret.
where would he go? The Hill Top?
True, in his shoes I would have ventured inside the DC and found myself a nice townhouse. And then I would have gone out to scavenge for booze and other supplies. Maybe I would have let myself in the pentagon and looked into their secrets to find out what they really knew about the zombie plague.


The Iceman cometh
Apr 20, 2010
Are Carol and Daryl going to have an affair? Eventually resulting in Daryl killing "The King". Community tensions rising again. Thomas then going on a rampage. Carol and Daryl putting fear into the communities. Could be a season 10 story.
Perhaps Carol has a long term agenda and has never really been stable for a long time.


Paranoid Mandroid
Oct 24, 2007
Maybe, like Dave said, Daryl just likes being on his own and likes the woods. There are plenty that choose that life in the world we inhabit.

Also, 9 series and I never thought of a catapult, and I used to have a black widow as a kid. Great idea, powerful, endless ammo if you prepare, ball bearings would be sweet.