(Probably Found) Book where a destroyed future invades the past through a portal


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Nov 14, 2018
It was a sci fi book where scientists had blown up an atomic bomb in a room surrounded by unexplodable material. It resulted in a portal being created to a parallel universe future. They were separate so anything the past did wouldnt affect the future. The future starts invading the past and killing everyone because their future is horrible and polluted. The main character is living on an island and they dont know theyre being invaded because the military is protecting that island as a last resort kind of thing. There is someone from the future on the island giving out a red drug that acts as a super steroid thing. A football player on the main characters school team dies from it. There is also a jerk who teams up with the main character named Kent.
I've had a look and yeah.
D.J. MacHale The SYLO Chronicles, a YA trilogy.
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