Searching for Fantasy Magic book title about the quest of a married couple.


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Nov 10, 2018
Trying to find a fantasy book I read in my early teens (circa '95 - 2000), which tells the story of a quest/adventure of a married couple of status (perhaps a Lord & Lady), that I think was set in Russia/eastern europe. The wife is a well practiced magic user, while the husband is not, but is learning some of the laws/rules of magic.

There is a mother and son duo of shapeshifting wolves involved, the mother being an old acquaintance of the husband.

The opening of the first chapter has the wife making a social commentary about the fashion of the people and how it's changing as they move into winter.

A later chapter has the couple at a crossroad, and presented being presented by a riddle upon the signposts, the husband makes an 'old magic' pact to the 4 elements bestowing his horse to the wife to enable them to safely choose a path from the crossroad.