Any updates on book 2?

Progress has been slow - about a third of it is in pretty good shape, but the rest is a combination of notes and rough sketches. I've had limited free time to work on this, but expect to push again with it soon.

However, because of this, I've also been working flat out on other projects - books that connect directly with the core story, but are shorter and quicker to publish.That's because the self-publishing model I've chosen prefers books to come out in a steady stream.

The good news is that I have a short science fiction trilogy - set in the future of Chronicles of Empire, and connecting directly with it on a number of points - which is close to finishing.

I was hoping to release it last year, but the feedback from beta readers was that although it showed promise, I was rushing it too much and could do better. So I've spent the past year completely rewriting that, and at the moment Teresa is working through a full edit.

I know some changes will still be required, but I expect I'll have this ready for release early next year.

The covers are done and look fabulous.

And even better, I'll be making the trilogy available for free for any chrons member who wants it. :)

I'm also pushing to get another short SF book - again, connecting with everything - finished and published within a year or so. I already have the cover, and it's extraordinary!

I've also refreshed Gathering - some minor but significant tweaks to the structure (but not to plot or characters), and once the sequel - Awakening - is published, Gathering should get a new cover, too. :)
I finally finished "Gathering" (sorry, I was very slow), but I had wondered why I hadn't seen the sequel yet. I just got the sci-fi trilogy and am excited to see they are related. I will start on it.
am excited to see they are related.

Oh, yes - there are some small connections you'll get now - and some you probably won't get until I've published more Chronicles of Empire. All my novels are set in the same world, and very carefully connected. :)

Btw, if you could find it in your heart to write a quick review of 1:Gathering on Amazon/Goodreads that would be wonderful - just one or two sentences would be absolutely great. :)

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