Arrow S701


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Jan 1, 2018
South Florida
Again we get to see all the good guys beaten and cowed. The only one with any life left in him was Mad Dog and I've disliked him from the get go. Oliver is still stuck in prison. A federal superMax that's run like a crappy state prison in Florida. It disgusts me. I mean actually brought thoughts of vomiting to mind.

On a lighter and better note, Roy is back. I'm still assuming that the new Green Vigilante is Roy. He moves like they had Roy move. He's copying season 1 Oliver and Roy is familiar with "The Hood".

The most interesting thing was the flash forward. Instead of the standard 5 year flashback I think we are getting a 5 years flash forward. The only part I'm guessing on is the 5 year part. Based on how both William and Roy looked on the island it's close.