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Star Trek : Discovery - Season 2 trailer


Well-Known Member
May 5, 2015
Didn't watch as I don't want spoilers.

This is a show I haven't seen yet. I think before Season 2 starts I will binge watch and catch up on Season 1.

What were the overall reviews?

I was a bit disappointed when I heard this Trek was going where Trek had already been before - but I was interested because I really like the main lead - she was great in the Walking Dead and I thought she would make a good Captain.


traveller space dreamer
Oct 29, 2004
Somewhere in the Quad
And here we are again, waiting for the new season. Our Space channel started with a new whole Trek promo for season two yesterday. Buckle up, guys ! January 17 is coming in less than two weeks. :(

And some cast talks. Warning:
Tyler will be back !

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