A romance about weight struggle, ballerinas, pilates (Sasha the pilates instructor)


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Oct 1, 2018
So, I've been searching all over the internet, trying to find the book I once read. I am not sure about the year it was published, but from the plot, should be around 00s. If I remember right there was something about weight in the title. And if I'm not mistaken, the story takes place in England. It is about a girl, who struggles with weight: she fasts, runs on a treadmill like crazy, starts losing her hair. She works at the ballet studio, but she is not a ballerina. She tries a pilates class, though relactantly at first, she thinks it's not her thing and that she needs to sweat to lose weight. Her pilates instructor is a girl named Sasha. Who she later finds out is the ex of a guy she likes. If I remember right the guy is her best friend's elder brother. Also she briefly dates a hot guy, but the relationship ends when the guy uses her hair removal cream instead of a conditioner in the shower. She also has a ballerina friend who is very skinny and not very talented. That's pretty much all I can remember. I've been trying to find it for more than a year. Even tried to look through all the book titles with "weight" in them to no avail. I really hope someone here read it and will remember the title or author. Thank you in advance!

Don't know the book, but I suspect you may be in the wrong forum to look for it. It doesn't sound very sci fi or fantasy. But best of luck anyway.

Cheers, Greg.
Hi, Mariereader!

Not really the sort of book that our members are accustomed to supplying details about (speaking generally, and I would not be in the least surprised if I'm wrong). :unsure:

But if anyone does remember it, I'm sure they'll let you know.
Thank you for the replies! I thought it worth a shot. Is there a forum for romance books search?

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