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October 2018 Reading Thread


Author of the AD2045 sci-fi series
Dec 14, 2018
Hitmouse, I'd heard that about Animal Farm, but hadn't read the history.

I've also heard Death of Stalin is good. Incidentally, the comically overblown medals on Zhukov's uniform actually slightly underplays how many he had.
Psychopathic mass murderer aside, Stalin survived so long by getting good information. He drank vodka with his senior comrades, while he actually drank water from a vodka bottle - getting them drunk to reveal any disgruntled feelings. He was also a dedicated psychopath, allowing his son to be executed for rape rather than sparing him as his son.
Hope the 'Death of Stalin' accurately portrays how darkly psychotic and calculating he was. Chilling..:eek:


Well-Known Member
Jul 3, 2011
Stalin dies at the beginning of the film. This is a black comedy about what happened in the politbureau in the immediate aftermath. It is an effective history lesson but it is not specifically an account of Stalin's psychopathy.

Suggest that you watch it.