4.16: Fear The Walking Dead - ... I lose myself


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
he filthy woman's story was not good, and it featured heavily here. She was apparently able to outwit all the FTWD survivors. It just seemed a bit too silly.
Well, yeah, but she was kind of smarter than the Governor or Negan, and she certainly was tougher than those two as she was able to survive 700+ days with the dead, take a bullet on her chest and still be champion. I kind of wished that Morgan would have managed to turn her head and somehow wangle her into the crew, because as an opponent Martha was dangerous. In a way she had bigger balls than Negan as she did it all on her own, while Negan hid behind the Saviors.

Maybe in the final season he will find his son and the Walkers will have crumbled.
What do you mean?


The Iceman cometh
Apr 20, 2010
Well as his story started in TWD season 1, and with Rick departing, it could be that the show finale focuses on Morgan again. So he could meet his son again who actually survived. Also we know the walkers decay more and more through out the months. It hasn't been that long and they have decayed a lot. So perhaps several years later most of the Walkers have decayed so much they collapse. Of course as more of the current human population die there will be new walkers, but perhaps people born a certain time after the initial outbreak no longer turn into walkers due to some sort of developed resistance.

Ok the son being alive is unlikely, but I can certainly see the end of the Walkers being a possibility.