300 Worder Image Poll and Discussion Thread #3

Vote for the Best Image for October's 300 Word Writing Challenge

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We thought it was time for another Image Poll for the 300 Worder, so once again you lot get to choose the inspiration image.

We've picked four images from which you can choose, trying to have a spread of images to fit SF and fantasy and general indeterminate speculative fiction but, of course, you're not bound by our thoughts on what category any image might fall into.

Just to repeat what I've said before, when we mods choose an image, we look for one which we hope will generate the most entries and the most diversity of stories, so do bear that in mind when voting. Or vote for the one that most appeals to you or which plants an immediate story in your head. The important thing is to vote!

Even if you don't think you'll write a story this quarter, or none of the images inspire you, vote anyway. (Then write a story -- we want as many as possible!)

This is also a Discussion thread, so do chat here about the images and/or the forthcoming Challenge which will start on 1 October.

The poll will stay open until 11:59pm (GMT) on September 30th. As usual, the poll is an open one, so everyone will be able to see who voted and how.

The images are:

A -- Astronomical​
B -- Xiapu, China​
C -- Stone Stacking​
D -- Edinburgh Graveyard​

October 2018.png
Oof! When we were choosing the images for the member's poll (we had 13 of the beggers in 4 categories by the end) I was conscious that we had a lot with water playing a large part of the image. But it's only now I've seen Ursa's great composite that I realise how mono-tonal the ones we chose actually are. *makes a mental note to ensure more bright colours next time we do this!*

Anyhow, I hope the images stir everyone's imagination, so get voting for the one you like best.
Stone-stacking will make a good premise for a story. Unstable equilibrium, which is pretty much the foundation of the universe and human relationships
Tough choices. The stars have been inspiring stories for literal millenia, and there are some interesting details there. The fish farming, though, is so otherworldly... and the stone stacking nearly begs for an explanation in story form, while the mourning monument has so many possibilities... for me, though, the fish farming wins out due to the range of possibilities.
What a wonderful new method of torture you mods have devised. Honestly giving a Piscean a choice ... bad plan. I have been stuck in an abort-retry-fail quandary for hours.

Altho’ I can confirm I don’t like the stars. The other three would make great stimuli, each.

The stone lady could possibly wring something bittersweet and poetic from me; the water is limitless; and the cairn could be scary.

Maybe it’s easier if I just take bribes for my vote?

Well, the one I can't think I'll be able to do much with, looks like the virtual winner. :-/
As the image is meant to be no more than an inspiration, not being able to do much with it ought not to be a problem.

For instance, Cathbad might write a story about a character not getting any inspiration from his surroundings... leading to an SF-based, or Fantasy-based journey to somewhere more inspiring to that character.
Twenty-three votes so far. Still a few days to go, but it would be good to get a lot more votes in.

Remember, you can vote for an image even if you don't think you'll be writing a story. The more votes the merrier, so just get on and vote!

(No, I've not voted yet. I'm still torn as to which to choose. It may come to tossing a coin.)

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