Launch of The Empyreus Proof and Stained Light at Waterstones Chichester


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Oct 13, 2008
West Sussex, UK
On Friday 21st September at 6.30pm, I'll be sharing an event at Waterstones bookshop in Chichester, Sussex, with Naomi Foyle. I'll be "officially" launching The Empyreus Proof, and she'll be launching Stained Light, the final volume of her superb Gaia Chronicles quartet. I know there are two or three Chronners already going, but anyone else who's in the area and wants to come along, please do.

Here's a link to the Facebook event page that Naomi has set up.
Hope you have a great launch, HB!
I received today my paperback of The Empyreus Proof, @HareBrain, and it's a beautiful-looking book! That cover's a stunner; love the heft of the book (659 thrilling pages worth!), and that's a very readable font. To anyone who isn't reading this series - please consider doing so. It's a remarkably original, and fascinating story hb is telling; I promise you'll never read anything else like it.

Also, my wife and I were quite surprised, and pleased by the acknowledgements. ;) I hope the launch is a thrill of a lifetime. Congratulations, hb, CC
(And I dig the blazer!)

Finest corduroy!

It was a great evening. I was surprised at the turnout: 40 people or so? Naomi Foyle made an ideal launch partner, far more at ease tackling difficult questions (and blimey, I didn't even understand one of them) and doing the "acting" thing when reading. The owner of the independent coffee shop in that branch of Waterstones made (and gave free) some delicious cakes for the occasion, and plenty of them. The staff were great. I could hardly have asked for more.

(especially when Dan Jones asked about sex in the books...)

It's a shame I wasn't warned about this question in advance, because I might then have been have to think of a much better response: "Shut up, Dan!"

(His question, for the curious, was why any kind of sex seems to be punished in these books, and punished in the proper Old Testament sense. I think I said -- at least I should have done -- that it's of a theme with the divisive way the story-world is set up, and that if the characters do their jobs properly, it might not always be so. But in panic I might have gabbled a load of incoherent nonsense.)

(breathe, Bryan, breathe!)

Thanks to the refreshments, I actually felt pretty relaxed for most of it. The camera seems to have caught me at a moment when I was less so!
Thanks to the refreshments, I actually felt pretty relaxed for most of it. The camera seems to have caught me at a moment when I was less so!
Well, if you didn't like that photo, you're really not going to like these...

Answering a difficult question:

Bryan 2.jpg

Reading from TEP:

Bryan reading.jpg

and introducing the event (subtitled: Old Man Ranting... :p)

Bryan talking.JPG

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