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How Plausible Do Think Shows Like The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead Are ?


There Are Always new Things to Learn.
Jun 29, 2014
In the show you walking zombies who have been reanimated by some type agent a virus or parasite cell ( I dont know ? If Healy person get bitten by one these walkers or dies , the dead body gets reanimated? How would something like this be possible ive the fact that one you dies in 4 minutes your brain deprived of O2 dies and in wine a few miunts the cell in you body shut and and each cell distingreates from within . How can a body the go from dead reanimated reanimated? And this bring up othesr issues . These walkers continue to rot . They're literally falling apart. They devour the living to presumable maintain themselves but since their dead how can they take in nutrition? No digestion left . And at certain point they are not going to be able to mover or operate.



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Sep 14, 2016
Middle Earth
Nanotechnology could possibly achieve reconstruction of just about any shape imaginable. It could potentially incorporate much of the carbon in a decaying human, but I personally think the word 're-animation' is a misnomer. Entropy is a law of physics (Thermodynamics) stating that all systems in existence go from a higher energy state to a lower energy state; In the case of an organic system like the human body entropy is strong (the body decays rapidly as opposed to a granite rock for example). Nano technology could ultimately, or eventually replicate the function of human DNA. To facilitate movement, the zombie-bot would need to mimic the functions of brain-muscle connections, etc. Here are some interesting links:
The Nanotechnology Revolution
Engines of Creation - K. Eric Drexler : Chapter 15
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Robert Zwilling

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Jun 12, 2018
Not feasible the way it is presented. It has to be done that way to make it exciting. You can get away with almost anything today if it is exciting enough. That is an empty parameter which is very easy to fill.

If it was done the way it is done, it could be possible for the walking dead to have a limited shelf life, that way they can commit mayhem and then disappear after a reasonable amount of time, to be quickly replaced from a population of billions. If I was writing it I would use a virus or a bacteria that would be able to override the consciousness, the body would still be able to digest food but it wouldn't have any table manners, raw meat, doesn't have to be fresh, would probably be the food of choice. There are some nasty things killing insects nowadays. The microbe could utilize the digestive system to feed itself and the body. The body would be the worse for wear, no medical care or sanitary habits, some rotting, small pieces falling off, eventually a foot or an arm. Perhaps poor eyesight but good hearing and a good sense of smell.

It might be an allegorical situation, where it might not look too good to be mowing down living people who are unable to help themselves. It would be interesting to use something like money to be the triggering agent. The more you get the farther away from reality you get, becoming less able to make life renewing decisions.