A Sacred Storm by Theodore Brun


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Jun 28, 2007
Picked this up before I went off on a recent Sun Holiday for some good beach reading. A few things about this book that I would like to note starting with a gripe.

1. After the initial prologue and 3 to 4 pages into the first chapter I got the feeling I was reading a sequel. I googled the book and yes it was a sequel. However no where on the front of the book or the back have any indication that this was a sequel. Very misleading from the publishers as I thought I was buying a standalone or the very least the first book in a series.

2. It is a damned good book! It is set in 7th century Sweden and tells of the conflict between the legendary Danish King Harald Wartooth and the Svear Kings culminating in a fantastically described battle.

3. Brun's style is easy to read and he gets across the savagery of the time quite well. He does give a leading roles to a number of female characters, although I feel he could have done a better job in their characterisation.

4. I will go back and buy the first book as there was enough mystery about the lead character Erlan and what led him to his current position in the Swedish court.

5. This is a highly recommended read especially as it deals with a period of history that is under represented in HF.