I can schedule a couple of questions on Tweetdeck for if I'm not around. That would probably double my total Tweets in 2018.

Not that I'm a big Twitter user at all, but I do think it's best to stick to a regular schedule for these sort of things, so people know when to turn up. Though it could be worth trying different days - maybe a Sunday will work much better than a Friday for writers and readers.
Incidentally, put up a Twitter poll (hope it's ok using the hashtag) which I thought would be interesting and perhaps of a little use. It's about the preferred approach to fantasy novels, specifically, making them stand-alone, solo stories but set in a recurring world, trilogies, or larger series.

If you are on Twitter, voting can be done here:
What does hosting involve? If it's a bit of pre-event publicity and making sure some questions are coming in, I could do it.
I thought we were aiming for the 23rd? That's next weekend. (Though actually, 23rd itself would be a bit tricky for me unless it's well into the evening.)
The 23rd is the day when some of us will be writing our 75-word stories, if that matters....

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