(Found) Lost fantasy book - boy saved by dragon


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Aug 25, 2018
my friend is looking for forgotten book title and I'm trying to help him a bit (and I'm also curious).

Describtion of story, warning - spoilers (duh):
5 year old boy and his dad and pregnant mom are traveling (his dad is a rogue with a clan or something), the family gets attacked, and the kid falls off a cliff--straight into a dragon's lair--the last remaining dragon. She hides him at the expence of her life and gives him an egg and her "nature".
he gets sent off, and runs into some slavers who have kidnapped an elven princess.
he kills them and rescues her. he takes her to her home, where they welcome him. the princess's granddad (not the king) takes the kid under his wing and teaches him magic, eventually reveals that the granddad has a jaguar nature, thus can see in the dark and move incredibly fast.

The egg hatches, and the baby dragon is running around but has adopted the hero as a "mother." After several years of training, the kid has learned enough and goes home--in love with the princess and she with him--to find out that he has not one but two or three younger siblings, they thought he was dead, and he reveals that he can now control 2-3 or 4 of the 4 basic mage elements (he can also combine them for higher grade attacks), blowing away the nearby academy leader who came to examine him to see if he was good enough.

He was reading this as e-book, so I have no info about cover etc :(

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.