I binged today after having waited since the tease 2 yrs ago. Will probably binge it again sometimes this week.
Yeah, I really enjoyed this series. Thought the 'drawing' was a little lazy, although I couldn't say why.
Yes, I know it's in "classic" yada yada yada … Even so, there's still something "off", about it. Don't know what. As stated.
Some of the directorial style reminds me of other non-Groening shows like Pope Town, but once I got into it, I stopped noticing that so much. I enjoyed the show, and found some of the quirky dad jokes which were a little slapstick saved the laughs, which was needed at times due to the serial nature of the show. I'm looking forward to the next season. The "talking cat" is a crack up.
I head that the radio play for season 2 has been recorded and is in the can. Just waiting on the animation and Netflix's decision to go a head with it.

They will apparently make their decision on how often season one get's watched. So I'm not holding back when I feel the need for another hit of intellectual slap stick. Looking for the little things that always get hidden in the background world.
I watched the first two episodes a couple of weeks ago. Entertaining, but not a match for Futurama, maybe because the characters weren't as good. The demon (can't remember its name) seemed rather obvious and one-dimensional. Does that aspect improve?
Luci, not til later. But after
Bean saves his life
he starts coming into his own.

I understand from some of the actor interviews that there are long game story arcs for many of the characters that havent even begun to be addressed, and wont start to come to light until season 2 is out. I infer that they wont start resolving until later seasons than that. Though 2 are all that they are contracted for at the moment.
The first 2 episodes are entertaining enough. I'll watch the rest of the series, though there is room to improve. Relying on cramming in jokes won't work, it needs to develop the characters if it's going to be a long term successful series. I've been told the later episodes get better at this, and have less jokes fall flat.
The first seasons of futurama and the Simpsons were good, but not as good as some of the following seasons. Hopefully this show follows a similar trajectory.
Season 2 has been announced for the 20th of this month.

I'm hoping I dont pop any stitches as this is 3 days after some abdominal surgery I have planned.
I love Matt Groening. I'll look for this on DVD.
you have more selfcontrol than I. I binge watch both seasons what is averaging to about once a week. lol
I hate it when something is good, but will not last long. As the series was comedy, and only 10 eps/s, I could get away with 1 per week. On the other hand, I ripped through One Piece about 20 eps / week. Still, it took 2 years to reach the last / most recent ep.