Sir Edric's Kingdom, discounted to 99p (for now)


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Sep 15, 2007
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This year's Self-Publishing Fantasy Blog-Off (SPFBO) includes Sir Edric's Kingdom, by me. It's a fantastic comedy, so splendid even persons who don't normally like fantasy often enjoy it.

When King Lawrence is poisoned and consigned to his sickbed, Sir Edric Greenlock, the Hero of Hornska, is thrust into the position of Lord Steward. But with the King half-dead and vultures circling, Sir Edric soon discovers running a kingdom is about as relaxing as being a gorgon’s barber.

Aided by his trusty manservant Dog, Orff No-Balsac the man-eating slaver, his feisty paramour Corkwell, and the sorceress Lysandra, Sir Edric must navigate his way through the murky scheming of murderous conspirators and fend off invasions to keep the kingdom, and himself, in one piece.

To celebrate its inclusion in SPFBO 4, I've cut the price to just 99p for a short while.

If you enjoy fantasy or comedy in a sort of Blackadder/Red Dwarf style, this may be right up your street. Here's a small taste of some spoiler-free lines:

“I’ll make you a deal, old bean. I’ll pretend to be interested if you pretend to be interesting.”

“Is she pure as the driven snow, or a bed-hopping trouser-tamer?”

I hate war. Minstrels sing about glory and honour, but it’s mostly diarrhoea and sore feet.

“Her approach to cooking is the same as her approach to undead.”
“She tries to kill it with fire.”

“Just why are you being very slightly helpful? It’s creepy, like having my slippers fetched by a tarantula.”

Sir Edric's Kingdom, an Ebook by Thaddeus White
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