Prador Moon - what next?


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Nov 19, 2015
Ok - just finished Prador Moon and loved it.

I'd really like to read about the start of it all. How we left the solar system and went from there.

Is there a book for that?
Nope, sorry, Prador Moon is the first book chronologically.

Most of his Polity books are listed in this post here (there are a couple of more recent ones missing) Neal Asher books: In what order should I read?

Which shows the chronological order as well as publishing dates. Generally speaking the individual sub-series are pretty stand alone. So you could read the Spatterjay books before the Agent Cormac ones. However The Technician and the newer Transformation books (there are two more not show here) do really follow on from the Cormac books.

Personally I'd recommend you read in chronological order or maybe publication order.
Ok - that’s done - loved it! :)

I’m guessing Gridlnked is a sensible next to read?
I’m guessing Gridlnked is a sensible next to read?

Yep. The next five are smooth sailing in terms of deciding what to read next because they're all tightly connected. My favorite was Line of Polity and a lot of people really like Brass Man but Gridlinked is where the main Cormac/Dragon story begins.
Me too. I read the Soldier and loved it.

That's the US cover (which is awesome), i wonder what the UK cover will look like?

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