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Shropshire, U.K.
Feb 13, 2006
Shropshire, U.K.
We have a 5 way tie in the June 100 anon challenge!

Vote for your favourite.

The curse

I'm still here, watching from the field above her house.

Smoke from chimneys, steam from the train, mist from the river fold about like cold, soft arms. Water runs, air sweeps and the sun brushes forward from behind the white mantle.

Everything travels but me.

She has gone. A gentle touch – so! A quiet word, whispered with intent – 'bark.'

Weeks followed in stiffness and scratching until slowed to root.

Her dog lifts a back leg. She watches on, impassive – has she forgotten?

One day they will regret that. One day we'll break this spell and walk.

Dr Windows in "Hollis P. Wood's Bloated Cyst"

"You should've visited me sooner. Don't worry, Hollis. I'll remove that carbuncle."

"Thanks, Doctor Wi...hey man, watch that knife."

"Relax." POP! "What the..?" SPLURPT!


"Kill it!" SMASH!

"Ceiling vent. Don't get under it!"

"We're going after it."


"You brought it here."


"If you practiced good hygiene, your growth wouldn't have become dangerously septic."


"You take the motion tracker, I'll use the shotgun."

"I want the shotgun."


"I.." clunk! "Take it doc."


"It went this way. There it is! Windows, blast'em!"


"You got'em."


"Here's your bill."

"RRRRRAARH!" clunk! "Charge, OK?"


Big Bad Barney

When Barney was 2 he was 6 feet and weighed 1 ton.

When Barney was 10 he was 40 feet and 17 tons.

When Barney was 21 he occupied Devon, they tried army assaults and bombers but, as he was the size of Mount Everest, he shrugged them away.

When Barney was 35 the aliens invaded and conquered all, until they arrived in Devon.

A furious behemoth appeared and smashed through their fleet, then bounded around Earth smashing more.

As the survivors fled a final laser missile fatally wounded him.

A double rejoicing was held worldwide.

Such Is Life…

Simmons and his crew are nothing if not cautious. In the three Earth years since Explorer landed on New Eden they’ve run every single test imaginable.

The plant is nothing if not patient. In the three thousand New Eden years since aliens last landed it’s waited for this moment.

Simmons steps out, opens his helmet and breathes the atmosphere of New Eden.

The plant releases a swarm of spores. Simmons inhales just one. It lodges in a lung and divides - again and again. Within minutes Simmons is dead and a new plant is born. Such is life on New Eden.

Stealing Beauty

Hayley giggles, dancing around the room with her teddy, Fluffy. "I'm so excited. Months of planning..."

Chardonney struggles against her bindings. "Please. I won't tell anyone. It's not too late."

Hayley looks Fluffy square in the eyes. "It's gonna hurt, but you'll comfort me, won't you, Fluffy?"

"Why do you hate me?"

Hayley turns to glare at Chardonney's chest. "I don't. I admire you. I want what you have."

"Everyone'll know."

"Obviously. A few years in prison... it's worth it."

"I'll sell my car; I'll buy you some implants. Please-"

"Implants are fake." She plunges the scalpel. "I want yours."

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