12 Monkeys: 4.06: De Glocke


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Jan 5, 2001
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I may have been harsh about the previous episode. After all, it was part of a three-episode event and everything was setting up for this, the finale. However, set in 1940 France with Nazis, it seemed destined to be even more clichéd than last week. Except that we have German speaking Katarina and French speaking Goines, and Cole only being able to say "Oui"!

I do think the scriptwriters have watched too much Back to the Future - the bullet proof vest last week, the concert this week with Goines sinking Pink, but I liked it too much to criticise it.

I do think that Deacon has been redeemed much to easily, and that blowing up Hitler in 1940 would have had more far reaching effects.