Cyberpunk 2077

Pemry Janes

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Oct 12, 2019
I'd prefer they take even more time and treat their workers right. I heard there is going to be a lot of crunch these coming months to reach this new release date.


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Jan 12, 2020
Yeah. I don't mind that, as he was just voice acting - it's when the actor's face appears in game I find it a bit tacky and distracting. But then everyone else seems to be going wild about KR's involvement so what do I know? <shrugs>
I like the actor, even if the John Wick films have gotten a bit tacky. The problem is immersion. When that character comes on screen, I won't be thinking his CHARACTER, I'll be thinking REEVES. Yea, an actors job is to convince us that they are really that person, but he's too recognisable.

Part of me also wonders how much the devs paid to have him 'star' in the game, and whether that money would be better spent making the game better... like maybe adding a few hundred faces to the crowds so you don't see clones everywhere etc.

I'd much rather wait for a more fully developed and complete game than a half-arsed attempt to get it out NOW and try to fix it on the fly. By that time players have moved on.
These days I have as many games backed up as books. My 'to play' pile is staggering (damn Steam sales and Humble monthly). Even so, I wouldn't play a game at release even if it was handed me on a platter. I've been burned too much by game ruining bugs and DLC that slip into the core narrative of the game meaning that to play them means playing the whole thing over.

Plus they usually sell for half the price a year later anyway :)