Something star


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Jun 13, 2018
So I read this sci-fi thrill while I sat in jail for 5 days. Blew muh lid off good. It was about a colony drifting through space trying to reach a far off destination. It had a janitorial type guy that murdered a doctor or nurse in it and there was a homemade drug being sold on the ship. It had an investigator on board trying to find out who the murderer was. Of course the book told you who the murderer was before the mystery was solved by the investigator. Really gripping sleeper novel. I’m pretty sure the title had at least the word star in it. I would really like to get ahold of this book. It had a typical 80’s space ship art cover. The ship looked more like a moving space station on it. The ship was called the life star or life ship however was called the death ship by the characters. Please help if you can.