(Found) SciFi - The premise of the book is that intelligence is a two edged blade and will destroy itself.


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Jun 9, 2018
I can remember a lot of the plot but not the author or title.

The title is something like 'The intelligence paradox', but I recall the AI saying the word used in his theory was Japanese and had a deeper meaning, something like riddle/paradox/impossibility

The plot, the near future.

Two space station circle earth, one American/west the other Russian
They watch the world being destroyed and each station is commanded by its government to destroy the other.
In the end they co-operate instead in order to survive although they are in a hopeless situation.

A third party intervenes a mechanical life form sent out by another alien life form that dies out shortly after as it reaches its own point of self-immolation.

This AI has seen the end of many civilisations and had watched the previous one on earth, placing into stasis the survivors, sentient dinosaurs, inside their own giant planetoid/space station. For once it decides to hang around to see if intelligence might start again.

As it sees history repeat itself it decided to intervene
This entity supports the survivors of the two space stations who are forced to co-operate and introduces them to the sentient dinosaurs survivors as it bring them out of stasis.
It does not go well and the sentient dinosaurs are destroyed.

Flash forwards and the humans have used that planetoid resource and now number in their thousands as they live on planetoid/cylinders and circle earth.

The ending has two of the protagonist, now immortal (thanks to the AI) going to a chamber where the respective commanders of the two stations are about to be resurrected. The AI has ceased to be.

Any help or hint would be wonderful, thanks in advance.