Sci Fi/Fantasy novel series set in another world about a boy who gets conscripted into army


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May 29, 2018
Hello, I'm trying to find a book that I read around 2010 from the library. It had a hard cover and had multiple books in the series. I can't remember the author, book cover, or any of the character names.

The premise of the book was a boy from a farming family, who happens to farm a specialty plant (or animal?) that is made into expensive lightweight armor, is conscripted into the kingdoms army. I remember that the armor was special because it could be worn as a shirt and was very light weight and flexible most of the time, but when hit it turned hard as a rock. This saved his life many times and allowed him to excel. He starts out low in the ranks but keeps surviving battles and helping his men survive as well so he works his way up in rank. There is some magical components (something about a green tower maybe?) and some type of fairy or fantastical form who helps him along his journey.

I would love to reread this series but my google searches aren't turning anything up.