Arrow S623


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Jan 1, 2018
South Florida
The Arrow rooms here seems to be all covered in dust but after last night I just had to rant. I can't see anybody thinking this was a good season. I can't understand how a group of writers and producers storyboarded this season out and thought "The comic book fans will like this" I'm baffled.

They make all the teammates treacherous lying backstabbing punks. I hate the whole lot of them. Felicity is the only one that didn't turn on him and she's a whole different story.

They made us endure a whole season of beating Oliver down. Nothing good happened. All the bad stuff was rehashed from previous seasons. I got to watch the hero I root for beaten in every way, at every turn. It's bad enough that Oliver's out smarted just about every episode but then to has Dias pose a physical threat? They want us to believe that just because Dias grew up hard, in a boys home where he had to fight some bullies, that he can fight the man who beat Ra's al Ghul?

They end this crappy season by topping it with a turd of a finale. I'd rewatch season 4 twice rather than watch this season. Actually I'd rather clean my ears with an ice-pic then to ever again lay eyes on this season.