Word of the Day: unusual words you may not have heard of

Fimblefamble - a word describing a really lame excuse. Classically, "I can't go out with you tonight: I have to stay in and wash my hair."
An even more lame excuse might be: "I can't go out with you tonight. I have to stay in and watch my hare, as it's having trouble hopping."

The word that no one has heard of, and is not really a word but still is located in a lot of places and has been copied a few time over the years

Magnagravity - The meaning is a replacement for the Term for - The Perpetual motion machine -

Only because the term Perpetual motion is not a real thing but it is possible to produce an effect that can produce perpetual motion - of sort,
it became needful to produce a term that could work as a term but not use the term Perpetual motion in the same effect.

Not too many people get to make up their own word, and have it become a usable item, somewhere on the world, -- Magnagravity -

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