Word of the Day: unusual words you may not have heard of

Diener: morgue attendant - diener job openings.

Robin Cook's Brain added it to my vocabulary:
"Nobody can live on a diener's salary," said Werner. Philips nodded, waiting. Werner took a bite of his sandwich. "You know I come from the old country," said Werner with his mouth full, "from Rumania. It's not a nice story because the Nazis killed my family and took me back to Germany when I was five years old. That was the age I started handling corpses in Dachau…" Werner went on to tell his story in grisly detail, how his parents had been killed, how he'd been treated in the concentration camps, and how he was forced to live with the dead. The gruesome story went on and on and Werner did not spare Martin a single repulsive chapter. Philips tried on several occasions to interrupt the ghastly tale, but Werner persisted and Philips felt his fixity of purpose melt like wax before a hot coal. "Then I came to America," said Werner, finishing his beer with a loud sucking sound. He scraped back his chair and went into the kitchen for another. Philips, numb from the story, watched him from the table. "I got a job with the medical school in the morgue," yelled Werner as he opened the drawer beneath the sink. Below the bottle opener were several large autopsy knives Werner had spirited out of the morgue when autopsies were still done on the old marble slab. He grasped one of them, and point first, slid the knife up inside the left sleeve of his jacket. "But I needed more money than the salary." He opened the beer bottle and replaced the opener. Closing the drawer, he turned and came back toward the table.
Floccinaucinihilipilification: the act of estimating something as being worthless
If my count is correct we have a winner, with one more letter than antidisestablishmentarianism at 29 letters.

Looking it up, I did find

pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis at a ridiculous 45 letters.
Which is a word meaning a specific kind of silicosis.
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Just having re-read Raymond Feist's Prince of the Blood, I am struck by how appropriate "Callipgian" would have been to the scene where James (aka Jimmy the Hand) unexpectedly comes up behind the nude Gamina and is absolutely entranced by the shape of her rear. Not a big reader of erotic fiction I found the description - and James reaction - as striking as almost any fiction.
Also relevant to the above might be, "Agastopia" Admiration of a particular part of someone’s body.
I was reading a book by Reginald Hill (author of the Dalziell and Pascoe series) and in a couple of places he used the word 'desert' but it seemed oddly out of context.

It took a lot of googling until I learned that, apart from the usual barren places and leaving a military post without permission, it also means (in ye olde worlde English) a person's worthiness.
I've just now read this in a book about a manhunt
I've never saw it before.
It means the electronic text at the bottom of a screen
Mostly I would call this more simply "junk at the bottom of the screen."