Moorcock - desperately need help with reading order


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May 17, 2018
Been looking around the site and scrolling through some of the chats but still find it somewhat confusing. Read JD's list but got lost with all the different publishers/omnibus editions etc. Love what I've read over the past years - Von Beck, Eternal Champion (only got some of them I think), Corum series (seem to have all of these) and Elric (seem to only have the chronicles). Anyone out there willing to try and point me in the right direction? I realise it's a bit of an ask..... also realise it's fairly confusing with revised editions and alternate naming and other things. Would rather stick to a UK listing if possible. I'm really hopeful someone out there can help
Thanks. I've had a look there previously but ended up a bit baffled. Would like to know the Eternal Champion and Elric reading order (UK). There also seem to be a couple of other short series but again, due to different titling and versions, I can't quite pin them down. I want to read full versions not abridged/condensed. With MM being so prolific I understand the difficulties, also the publishers, updated versions etc etc. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks.