Six Million Dollar Man

Let's not forget about the bionic dog. Shudders.

His name was Max and he was on the Bionic woman . Having Bionic Rover on the show was fairly good indicator that they show had jumped the shark early on its run.
One of the characters in Altered Carbon has a bionic arm, & performs feats of strength that would likely break her spine. just as it should have broken Col. Austin's. BTW, I just happen to have a season 2 $6M Man DVD in the drive. Sadly, I am bored with the series, even as infrequently as I borrow DVDs from NF. I really want to see the Venus Probe & Death Probe episodes, but have little appreciation for the rest of the series. :whistle:

I think watching this as an adult has ruined my childhood memories of the series. Sometimes that happens. :cool:

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