The Perp Challenge(s)

Jun 13, 2006
I've been thinking, and yes it hurt.

Time has marched on since I ran the Perp challenge back over Christmas, where it conflicted nicely with the 300 word challenge. But the competitors seemed to really enjoy it.

I am not adverse to bringing it back as a semi-regular challenge, but need a few things to be agreed on by the moderators and the Chrons writing community as a whole.

1. When would it take place? Not monthly, probably quarterly, to use the 'free' month when the 300 hundred is not in play or voting is ongoing.

2. There would be a prize.

3. The format of the challenge would shift and change each time. It would not be a standard number of words/theme/genre challenge. Like last time it would be a different type of challenge.

4. Would it be possible to make it part of the challenges rather than in the workshop, or is it better to keep it in the workshop?

And of course any other queries etc people might throw in my direction. Questions, ideas rather than solid items please.

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