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Black Wings VI

w h pugmire esq

Well-Known Member
Jan 11, 2009
I linger within ye shadows of Sesqua Valley, dream
I am pleas'd to announce that I have a new Sesqua Valley story in ye just-publish'd (in England) Black Wings VI, edited by S. T. Joshi and available from PS Publishing. This may be the last volume in this series from S. T., for a wee while at least, as he feels a desire to work on different projects. Ye Contents for this new volume is:
Introduction by S. T. Joshi;
Pothunters, by Ann K. Schwader
The Girl in the Attic, by Darrell Schweitzer
The Once and Future Waite, by Jonathan Thomas
Oude Goden, by Lynne Jamneck
Carnivorous, by ye legendary William F. Nolan
On a Dreamer's Moon, by Ashley Dioses
Teshtigo Creek, by Aaron Bittner
Ex Libris, by Caitlin R. Kiernan
You Shadows That In Darkness Dwell, by Mark Howard Jones
The Ballad of Asenath Waite, by Adam Bolivar
The Visitor, by Nancy Kilpatrick
The Gaunt, by Tom Lynch
Missing at the Morgue, by Donald Tyson
The Shard, by Don Webb
The Mystery of the Cursed Cottage, by David Hambling
To Court the Night, by K. A. Opperman
To Move Beneath Autumnal Oaks, by W. H. Pugwug
Mister Ainsley, by Steve Rasnic Tem
Satiety, by Jason V Brock
Provenance Unknown, by Stephan Woodworth
The Well, by D. L. Myers

It warms mine antient heart to see a new Sesqua tale appear in a sturdy hardcover edition, and I think this is one of my better stories (indeed, S. T. will be reprinting it in ye forthcoming paperback anthology, BEST OF BLACK WINGS). This is my favourite series of Lovecraftian fiction, and I am hoping that S. T. will return to it in some few years. I am such an obsess'd H. P. Lovecraft fan boy that there is something that excites me still to be in a book that celebrates the Mythos and HPL. I love that such a series pays tribute to Lovecraft and his extraordinary fictive realm. Ia! Yok-Sotot!