Dealing with cracking spines


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Aug 22, 2007
Hunting in the woods
So I picked up a haul of magazines (Africa Geographic) and many of them are older and appear to have been made with a likely cheaper glue, or they've been stored such as the glue has deteriorated. So when opening some of them up the cracking sound is scary! What's worse is that they are printed quite deep into the page so reading is only possible by opening them out near flat.

So I'm wondering if there are any tricks or methods commonly used to get the glue to soften a little so that the magazine can be opened easier without risking the glue cracking and breaking and thus leaving the magazine at a high chance of falling apart. They are good enough that I would consider sleeving them into a binder, but that's a fair amount of work (and assumes that if any did fall apart that they'd do so easily and neatly, which would be great but not likely).