Modern science doesn't take nutrition seriously enough?

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
A few days ago I noticed a news report on the BBC website where a group of doctors complain that nutrition doesn't form enough of a part in the study of modern medicine:

'Doctors learn nothing about nutrition'

This very repeats the core complaint of a book I recently read, How Not to Die, which dedicated each chapter to a major health problem in the West and the foods apparently proven to prevent them.

When we consider how many billions the NHS spends dealing with many of these conditions, it's frankly astonishing that adverts for junk food aren't simply banned - anyone would think our health service exists to subsidize private food and drug companies!
Do you watch Trust Me I'm a Doctor? That's interesting on looking at ways not to die. Investigates health claims for foods, exercise etc, does a small sized repeat of studies. As a result, I am now having a teaspoon full of olive oil a day as it does actually reduce the risk of heart attack.
As someone who has discovered my fibromyalgia is almost entirely caused by what I eat, I find it frustrating there is little support. I am having to feel my way in the dark working things out by trial and error - it's painful and expensive. A couple of sessions with someone who understood enough to help me work out my diet and what it needs to be would be amazing.

At Christmas I had a meal I thought was entirely me friendly, but it was when I discovered I couldn't have soya.

I have a migraine because there was something in my Easter meal, but I don't know what, that has made me ill.

If I stick to rice, oats, fruit, veg (except nightshades), beans and lentils then my fibromyalgia starts to disappear after three days. There are other things like blueberries I need to eat on a regular basis. After three months I have no symptoms. (it comes back pretty quick if I have something I shouldn't). But at certain times of the year I'd love a meal that feels special and I can look forward to that doesn't make me ill.

My situation is being repeated among many others with the condition and a better understanding of nutrition by our doctors would save the NHS a fortune.
Interesting to see passing mention of a possible future ban on junk food ads during Prime Time TV:
Sugar tax: There's more to come in the war on obesity

My fibromyalgia makes me pause with this. The NHS doesn't provide us with answers for the condition and there many others who have conditions with poor quality answers.

Over the past ten years a number of the things that helped me survive the years I didn't have answers, have been made illegal, more difficult to get or taxed more highly. Sugar, caffeine, energy drinks have been a lifeline as have some of the legal highs. Ephedrine was sold in Holland and Barrett - losing it made me housebound because it was my safety net in case my body stopped moving when out with the kids. With it in my bag I knew I could get home. There have been a number of legal methods to treat my illness I lost.

Now had I had the nutrition advice I needed twenty years ago I wouldn't have got to the stage I did. But as it stands the government is shutting down affordable routes that help people with a variety of conditions. Now CBD oil has come on the market but it is out of my price range.

It bothers me that a government that doesn't pay for answers, happily takes away the short term solutions we have.