Sir Edric and the Plague out on Amazon/Smashwords


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Sep 15, 2007
UK, Yorkshire
Sir Edric and his trusty manservant Dog return in the latest volume of the knight's biography. His newest litany of drunken escapades sees Sir Edric infected with pestilence and forced to seek out the fabled Tears of Shal-Marrikash to cure himself (and prevent a city being wiped out, although that's very much number two on his priority list).

Sir Edric and the Plague is a rollicking adventure of dreadful monsters, daring deeds, and the nefarious perfidy of elven snollygosters.

It's just 99p for now, but the price will be rising on Monday, so grab your copy whilst they're hot. And how could you refuse a book which has the following line?:

“I don’t wish to alarm you, sir, but you appear to be dripping amniotic fluid,” Dog said.


Smashwords: Sir Edric and the Plague, an Ebook by Thaddeus White

It'll be shipped to other outlets like Kobo etc once Smashwords gets into gear, so it'll probably be a few days.