Writing Tips from Jeff Vandermeer

Toby Frost

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Jan 22, 2008
I posted this in my own sub-forum, but it's been suggested (thanks Peat) that I should put it somewhere more prominent, as it's pretty interesting. Below is a link to writing tips from Jeff Vandermeer, author of Wonderbook and Annihilation.

What's interesting about these tips is that they don't do the standard "show don't tell" advice (which is still useful) but are more about getting yourself into a productive state of mind.

8 Writing Tips from Jeff VanderMeer
1—The amount of time you spend writing isn’t necessarily as important as the time spent thinking about what you are going to write.

Absolutely. I've learned this the hardway, and spent quite a bit of time writing before the story was ready. This won't match well to everyone, as there are many folks that enjoy discovering the story as they go, but man, letting the tale marinate and develop has been a major help to me.

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