Anyone for Eastercon this year? Follycon, Harrogate?


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Aug 10, 2005
West Sussex
Well, I've paid my membership, booked my B&B, only the coach trip left to organise - so I wondered if anybody else intended to visit? Any of you northeners so enthusiastic with your meet-ups?
Wanted to, especially with Nnedi Okorafor as one of the Guests of Honour. Kim Stanley Robinson would be interesting to listen to, as well, I suspect.

Unfortunately, can't get the time off. Anyway, saving my money...well, supposed to be.
I did plan on going (As mentioned with @Serendipity ) Alas, they have priced me out of the market (how stupid, its on my chuffing doorstep) - I am happy to meet up, but won't be in the convention itself.
Adult: £80 for the full weekend, plus hotel with the usual slight reduction if member.
Single day membership (Sat/Sun) £35

I have to chose, Follycon(Eastercon) or Ireland 2019

Which would you pick ;)

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