Old Tech thread

Fun on the road, 1936-style. 90mph!

I'm trying to imagine taking that "vehicle" down the road a 90 mph! Also, does the guy's leg end in a prosthesis?
Why would you wear a hat inside a perpex dome? They also look unstable - with that traffic density, goodness knows what would happen if one fell over sideways!
I can guess why that might be. ;) (I wasn't thinking bank charges. Businesses get charged for banking cash too.)

I didn't really mean tradesmen, I meant shopping and retail. My sister is a hairdresser and she still get's paid in cash, but the problem today is where to bank all the cash. We've just received letters this week that two more local bank branches are closing. The nearest branch is now 5 miles away. I live in suburban London. If you live somewhere more rural then that could be 20 or 30 miles away. And keeping piles of cash hidden about the house isn't a great idea from a security standpoint; even less so if you drive a lettered van and the criminals can see you might be someone who takes large amounts of cash.

I live 15 miles from my nearest bank - unless you count the mobile bank van that visits the village for a couple of hours on a Tuesday. We do have a Post Office counter in the village shop and most of our local traders deposit their cash there. Usually just in front of me when I have one small parcel to post and need to be at work in five minutes....
I have a self inflating doll, that I bought her off the Trotters a few years back. She sits in the passenger seat and wears my hat while I'm driving.
I don't know where she'd go in one of those contraptions though.

Also. Did you notice that there is a gentleman in one of the domes in the picture, raising his hat to a lady going in the opposite direction.
Thank goodness they're maintaining their standards of etiquette, despite the new-fangled transportation.