Old Tech thread

If you put your hands in a typist's position they naturally sit at an angle to each other, not parallel. You can get many ergonomic keyboards like that today
I would add that the modern keyboard operators don't tend to show quite as much leg :ROFLMAO:
but the keyboard looks like it has a printer - a printer won't go in your pocket!
That's an electronic word processor. Think of it as a bridge (missing link) between a typewriter and computer. The one I used, you typed out your work, checked it in the digital display (as you would on a PC), and then laser printed the document and any copies. Today, paperless as things are, you don't need the printer and digitally, wirelessly, mail/deliver the document. Printers are for the casual user are unneeded and only required by certain specialized groups (e.g., legal documents) that do not trust the changeability of digital documents.