Old Tech thread

I'm going to assume, on no evidence at all, that the above is a reel advert.

The technology may be old but the hair may start a new trend.
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Used to have both of those. My mum had one of those box cameras for years (I might even still have it buried somewhere) and I still have my dad's old bellows camera. Neither had hair quite as long as the blonde girl! And yes you did have to shade the viewfinder like that!
I think there were many people who predicted videophones (and probably language translation too) without any solid ideas about how it could be achieved, but rather just the aspiration. It appears in a lot of science fiction (it's was in Thunderbirds) but we may be in danger of cherry-picking when we say, 'look how perceptive these people were!' No disregard to Mark R Sullivan, president and director of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company is meant here, but people at the same time were also predicting Weather Control (i.e. so that it only rains at night and two weeks dry for harvest) and atomic flying cars and personal jet packs.
All that has happened was already foreseen, Voyager has finally met with an unknown race of machine entities who have altered it's programming in order to help it complete what the latter interpreted to be its mission; its primary programming (and which some believe to be the Borg.)

It will now return to Earth looking for Whales!
If anything will tell you how vast the solar system and "nearby" environs are it's that Voyager I has been outward bound for 47 years at 38,210 mph. Granted, not a straight line, but still a mind boggling number.

I've always wondered if the unknown objects seen and recorded by the US Navy(and around the world) were old artificial intelligence probes from civilizations in our galaxy. Like Voyager, but maybe a few hundred years more advanced. Maybe that's their "old tech." Just seems ridiculous that out of trillions of planets in our galaxy alone, that we'd be the only species capable of that.