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Need help finding a novel title.


New Member
Feb 8, 2018
I'm afraid i don't have much to go on. I don't remember any character or location names but i remember some plot details that will hopefully help.

It's set in a large intergalactic and semi-dystopian human empire that's been at war with an insectoid alien race for years. Many of the planets simply serve as production centers (these planets are often much lower tech then the ones nearest the front lines, with technology comparable to what we have today) to shuttle food, weapons and fresh conscripts to the front lines. The human government ensures that the production planets are kept in the dark as to the reality of the war as it is currently in a stalemate with increasingly horrible losses. One of the main characters (a women) comes from a semi-tribal nomadic group that lives outside of any major cites. The other two (both men) are conscripted, one having the choice between prison or conscription and the other either volunteers to get off the planet or is selected by clerical error (can't remember which) Once they reach the front lines and undergo training the girl (i believe) is selected to join a group of elite soldiers that wield psychic powers (i remember them being similar to biotics from the ME series). The other two join the main military force and experience their first battle. The main mode of transportation and tactical support are orbital weapons platforms that have room to hold a large group of soldiers inside. Due to some quirk of in-universe logic i can't quite remember it's easier for a boarding party to disable the enemy ship from inside then let the orbital platforms try to destroy it. I don't remember much more except for one of the final battles, which takes place above a pivotal human planet that is only protected by sacrificing almost every orbital platform and soldier stationed there

Sorry i couldn't give more to go on in setting or characters (and about the wall of text) but hopefully what i was able to remember will be enough
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Oct 19, 2010
Your description has overtones of several stories-- The Forever War by Joe Haldeman; The Lensmen series by EE "Doc" Smith; and Starship Troopers, by R. A. Heinlein. None exactly fits-- the psychic powers in particular are missing. But the large, intergalactic wars, that go on forever are there.
---Paul E Musselman


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Sep 9, 2016
Cumbria UK
Something in this description is making me think of one of Steven Baxters Xeelee sequence arc.
In particular one of the Destiny's Children books. Unfortunately I no longer have any of them to check :(