Song TItles in Fiction Challenge


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Jan 14, 2017
Staffordshire, UK
I'm heading off to see a band called British Sea Power soon. A post on their forum asked about songs we'd like to hear. After I wrote my list I thought "what beautiful song titles - I can make a little story out of that" - and I did!

It's similar to the Perp Challenge, which I didn't spot until it was too late to enter.

I thought some of you might like to pick some song titles of your own, maybe from your favourite artist or band, and write a microfiction? I'd like to read them! While song lyrics are copyrighted, song titles are not, so we're in the clear. Here's my story, which comes in at 68 words:

A New Adventure

Lately, we haven't had any true adventures.

After Saint Jerome sank, I've named our hexagonal wax - like a honeycomb - new boat, Mongk II.

Bear with me through the salty water, and come wander with me through the green grass of tunnel, where we'll float on heavenly waters.

You can praise for whatever, while I sing a lullaby for what you are, with a light above descending.


Song titles:
Salty Water. A Light Above Descending. Bear (I've linked to a video for this one). Lullaby for What You Are. Green Grass of Tunnel (cover of the band múm). Mongk II. Come Wander With Me (Bonnie Beecher cover). Lately. True Adventures. Like A Honeycomb. Heavenly Waters. Saint Jerome. Praise for Whatever.

[Edit - dang eet - could a moderator edit the I in Titles please?]

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