Rank Your 10 Favorite Arthur Machen Stories

Dec 6, 2017
Following my first attempt to request rankings of the stories of Algernon Blackwood, I figured that it’s time to give Arthur Machen a go. In this thread, please rank your ten favorite Arthur Machen stories. Your favorite story should be numbered 1, while your less preferred stories should ascend down to the number 10. If you haven't read or like 10 of his stories, you don't have to fill out a complete list, but I will only include rankings for those who have included at least 5 stories.

Once I have sufficient results, I'll put the details into a spreadsheet and create a table to share with the respondents. This is my small attempt to boost awareness of Machens' more notable stories. Thanks for participating!


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Aug 21, 2010
For convenience, here's a source listing stories by Machen:

Summary Bibliography: Arthur Machen

I'm unwilling to take the time conscientiously to work out the rankings that Die Math requests -- I'd need to reread several of them and have other projects -- so if that invalidates what follows, my contribution can be ignored. What follows is a quickly-compiled list of some Machen favorites of mine. I can say that I do rank The Green Round, "N," and "The Great Return" very highly as personal favorites, as is reflected in their placement on the list.

2.The Green Round
3.The Great Return
4.Fragments of Paper / Psychology
5.The Terror
6.The White Powder
7.The Black Seal
8.A Fragment of Life
9.The Inmost Light
10.Out of the Earth

My understanding of "stories" is that what is requested is a list of works of fiction. Machen's story of his early years, Far-Off Things, is dear to me, and I enjoy visiting again The London Adventure every so often.

Randy M.

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Mar 7, 2012
"The Great God Pan"
"The Terror"
"The Novel of the Black Seal"
"The White People"

I should break out more of his work and read deeper. All I need is time ...

Randy M.

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