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Nov 23, 2002
“Fully realised characters, twists, thrilling narrative, and a touch of the divine: I challenge anyone who picks up Oracle to put it down again without having read all the way through to the end.” – Ian Whates

“Political intrigue and power wrangling, seers and science, industrial revolutions and grand engines, elegant design and a whole head of steam.” – Kim Lakin-Smith

In a time of dangerous unrest, Captain Pugh Avinguard has been delegated to protect Lord Joshua Calvinward, author of a controversial bill that makes him a target for political extremists. A train crash, a riot, and assassination in the High Forum all threaten to plunge the country of Timeholm into chaos.

But Pugh’s own past is about to crash into his present, with the reappearance of his beloved ex-wife, Claire. Robbed of identity and sanity by a mysterious religious order, The Inner Ring, Clare has been transformed into Oracle, a ‘Glimpser’, whose prophecies predict even more tumultuous events to come.

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In a dystopian future, a healer and a shapechanger join forces against a ruthless alliance of powerful families.

Aleta Graham is a healer and empath, abilities that make her a useful pawn for the Dagarro family, who have addicted her to the drug known as Sand in order to keep her submissive. But Aleta is determined to overcome the influence of the drug, and make a desperate bid for freedom — even knowing that the penalty for disloyalty to the family is death.

Riven is a shapechanger, a computer genius, a spy sent by the government to destroy the power of the Dagarro. By taking on multiple identities he becomes at once Aleta's dearest friend and most feared enemy. But in growing closer to Aleta, Riven imperils her, himself, and his mission.

"Far-future space opera with roots in today's political issues, with a hefty dose of dark romance, make this a compelling page turner." — Sherwood Smith, author of the Exordium series.

"Carolyn Hill's Beneath the Skin features complex characterization and fine writing. A compelling read." —NY Times bestselling writer Susan Krinard.

"An engaging sf world framing a central romance, Hill will draw you in, keep you on the edge of your seat and deliver an exciting ending." — Jo Zebedee, author of the Abendau series and Inish Carraig.

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Colonel JJ Tristan, last officer of the Liberators, is trying to keep the embers of the once great military corporation burning, but passion and the dreams of a glorious past don’t pay the bills.

Everything changes when Orlanda Nixon, a former unit member, calls for his help.

Finally, he has a reason to reform the Liberators, but after eight years, will he be able to gather enough of them together to rescue one of their own?

JJ has his doubts. Just getting their old warship back into space could be a problem.

The Liberators never left anyone behind, and JJ isn't about to let that happen now…

99p from Feb 5th-10th. Available at and

Joseph Sin must save the galaxy from an evil, future tyrant whose reign of terror will hold the galaxy in thrall for a hundred thousand years. He’s not ready for this – he has a hangover – but needs to get involved to save his friend Susan Skull, though she has made it very clear they will never be more than just friends.

Taken from the 21st century Joseph finds himself on another world, host to alien parasites and in denial. The feudal world is being stripped of its resources by the despotic greed of a corporate tyranny, supported by future technology, the resources of a galactic empire, the military might of a clone army, and the benefit of hindsight.

To save Susan and this struggling world Joseph has only the support of an alchemist and a race of primitive giants. And who knows whose side the suspect, mercenary, time travelling Academy is on?

His journey takes him ever nearer to his destiny, close to new friends and allies, and way too close to supernatural horror that tests his resolve and sense of self.

Caught in a loop in time, Joseph is forever condemned to repeat his future unless he can break the present.

99p from Feb 7th-14th: Available at and

A mother leading a fanatical army and seeking revenge for her son.

Two warriors, each plagued by the past and seeking one last chance of redemption.

A town commander near retirement; a volatile blacksmith; a naive priest with untapped power; a petty bully of a mayor;

a young hunter, victim of violence and thrust into violence of his own.

Gorig Cross, once thriving trade hub and now forgotten outpost on the edge of an Empire gone weak.

A pointless siege and the beginning of the end.

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Amy was five when she vanished during a family trip, only to be found hours later, clutching a golden acorn and claiming to have visited fairies.

Now she’s eighteen, and the fairies are calling her back.

While attending a wedding deep in the Antrim glens, the voices grow darker and their song takes hold. Not sure if she's mad or if the fairies are real, she flees, drawing well-meaning Simon into her fairy-fuelled road trip.

To escape their hold, she must confront long-hidden secrets, and find a truth which may not be hers to unearth.

But, even then, the fairies may not let her go…

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A group of young travellers come together on a promise of work in the city of Corianth. They intend to discover their dreams and fortunes.

Instead, they'll be snared in a conspiracy, and left fighting for their lives...

Sirath is on the run. Erin wrestles with her faith. Dalathos seeks his place in a world that would otherwise shun him.

Against them is Molric, who has journeyed to the past to destroy it. He plots to assassinate the Emperor and arm his allies with the secret of explosives.

But there is a gathering of forces bigger than anyone realises. The decisions made here will decide not only the fate of an empire, but the future of humanity.

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The church is betrayed, and in the midst of an assault on a remote stronghold, it falls to Tol Kraven, the church knights’ most troublesome apprentice, to deliver a cryptic message to a distant convent.

Pursued by the world’s most notorious killers, Tol’s journey will take him across the frozen north in a desperate race. His path will take him to the prize the church’s enemies seek, and the terrible secret at the heart of the church, a secret inextricably linked with his own family’s dark past.

A secret men will kill to keep.

A secret men will kill to learn.

A secret that if revealed could destroy an entire religion.

The greatest truths, he will learn, are never painless.

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